Structural/Civil Engineering

Scope of Services

• Full understanding of all structural building materials and elements, including reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber, aluminum, cold formed steel and masonry
• Full understanding of all building codes and structural design codes and aides, including the OBC, National Building Code of Canada, CSA S16 (Steel Structures for Buildings), CSA A23.3 (Design of Concrete Structures), CSA S304.1 (Design of Masonry Structures), CSA S157 (Strength Design in Aluminum), CSA S137 (Design in Cold Formed Steel), CSA S6 (Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code) and CSA 086 (Engineering Design in Wood)
• Partial/Full building reinforcement (reinforcing floor systems, wall elements, foundations, columns, beams and roof structures)
• Lateral load analysis and design (earthquake and wind loading), including moment frame, cross bracing and roof diaphragm design
• Foundation engineering and design (strip footings, caisson footings, slab footings, isolated pad footings, grade beams, piles, micro-piles, helical piles)
• Floor and roof load analysis for heavy imposed loading, including emergency generators, cooling towers, telecommunications shelters, roof top HVAC units, condensers, high-density filing systems, safes, UPS systems, battery cabinets, fire protection systems
• Removal and replacement of building components and elements to allow for replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment through walls and roof structures
• Crane building analysis, including crane runways, built-up columns, multiple crane beam aisles
• 3-D design capabilities utilizing structural analysis and design software
• Helical pile analysis and design, working with industry partners
• Familiarity with historic building materials and structural systems utilizing a vast data base and periodic literature contained in our structural library
• Structural condition surveys and reporting for buildings, bridges and other structures, including budget estimating for remedial work
• Parking garage slab repair and replacement
• Buried structure design (CIP manholes, chambers)
• Structural steel shop drawing production
• Excavation and shoring design
• Parking lot design for rehabilitation, including detailed condition surveys and reporting, including budgets for repair
• Retaining wall design, including reinforced concrete and masonry units