Building Science Engineering

Scope of Services

• Full understanding of all building materials related to the building envelope, including the building façade (brick, limestone, EFIS, SIP, etc.), roofing systems (Mod-bit, BUR, EPDM, PVC, etc.), curtain wall and window systems, door and hardware assemblies, wall and rainscreen assemblies, and foundation repairs and waterproofing.
• Full understanding of all relevant building codes including OBC, AODA, CSA and National Building Code of Canada
• New building design related to wall, roof and foundation assemblies
• Familiarity with historic preservation and restoration utilizing a vast data base and periodic literature contained in our building science library
• Building envelope condition surveys and reporting (roofs, walls, windows, doors, foundations, soffits), including budget estimating for remedial work
• Full capabilities for infrared thermal imaging and reporting heat loss, water infiltration and air leakage through the building envelope.
• Determining of thermal properties for a variety of building element assemblies
• Decommissioning of building structures and underground tunnels
• Barrier free accessibility code reviews for interior and exterior locations
• Reserve fund studies for building envelope elements
• Concrete condition surveys and repair strategies for parking garage slabs, building balconies, foundation systems