Telecommunications Engineering

Scope of Services

• Full engineering services for rooftop and greenfield wireless telecommunications site designs, including structural, civil, electrical and mechanical
• Antenna mount structural support design
• Equipment support design (rooftop shelters, cabinets, generators)
• Foundation design for shelters and equipment cabinets at grade
• Cable tray layouts and details
• Tower performance specification design
• Third party tower reviews and reporting (acceptance reviews)
• Site audits and reporting for existing telecommunications sites
• Safety review of existing telecommunications sites
• Service platform design
• Base building structural reviews for loading imposed by telecommunications structures
• Data Centre and Master Switching Centre design, including rack layouts and space planning, electrical and mechanical systems, fire protection, AFCR
• Electrical design related to UPS systems, emergency generators, rectifiers, inverters, load banks, power distribution, lighting layouts and designs, remote alarms, security systems, DC battery plant
• Mechanical design related to HVAC/CRAC cooling systems, fire protection (inert gas and sprinkler systems), BAS connections, plumbing
• Architectural design related to space planning for equipment cabinets, ancillary rooms, technical staff offices, loading docks, storage areas, battery rooms, code review, egress pathways
• Structural design related to supporting of heavy equipment including equipment racks, DC battery plant (battery frames), rectifiers, inverters, electrical equipment, rooftop condensers and cooling towers, AFCR for power cables